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Telecom services incident

Date & time of incident: 
Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 10:30
Incident Description: 

There is an incident on the telecom services. GSM calls and Fixed phones calls are impacted. We are currently analysing the situation.

UPDATE (11h32): Sunrise informed us that they have a failure of a major network component. Experts are working to fix the issue.

UPDATE (11h45): We have reconfigured a part of our telephone network. Now:

-  Calls from CERN fixed phones to external lines should work.

- Calls between CERN fixed phones are not affected

- Calls from CERN GSM phones to external lines are still affected.

- Calls between CERN GSM phones and from fixed phones to CERN GSM phones are still affected (degraded).


UPDATE (12h00): Sunrise informed us that the problem is fixed. Should you still experienced problems with your telephone (fixed or mobile) please inform the switchboard. 


Service Element Affected: 
Audio Conferencing Service
Fax Service
Fixed Line Phone Service
Mobile Phone Service
Service is degraded
Resolution date: 
Wed, Mar 6, 12:00
Posted by: 
Unit responsible for resolution: 
IT Department