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IT SSB re-direction at 12am - new RSS feeds links (URLs) for the “Service Incidents” page:

Date & time of incident: 
Monday, October 14, 2013 - 12:00
Incident Description: 

This Drupal SSB web site will be closed today, Monday 14 October, at 12am. It will be automatically re-directed to the new “Service Status Board for Computing”, at:

People who were using RSS feeds and who defined the URLs in some tools (like Outlook) must modify these definitions in order to receive feeds from the new site. All details are provided in the Knowledge Base (KB) article for “Service Status Board (SSB) – RSS feeds”) at:

In particular here are the new links (URLs) for the “Service Incidents” page:

  • Current (not resolved)^ORu_functional_element.u_organic_unitSTARTSWITHGS-AIS^ORu_functional_element.u_organic_unitSTARTSWITHGS-ASE-EDS^ORu_functional_element.u_organic_unitSTARTSWITHGS-ASE-EPS^EQ^u_publication_ssb=true^type=incident^endISEMPTY^EQ^ORDERBYDESCbegin&&sysparm_format=true&&RSS

  • Past (resolved)^ORu_functional_element.u_organic_unitSTARTSWITHGS-AIS^ORu_functional_element.u_organic_unitSTARTSWITHGS-ASE-EDS^ORu_functional_element.u_organic_unitSTARTSWITHGS-ASE-EPS^EQ^u_publication_ssb=true^type=incident^endISNOTEMPTY^EQ^ORDERBYDESCend&&sysparm_format=true&&RSS




Service Element Affected: 
Service Management Service
Specific Service detail: 
Service Status Board (SSB)
Service is in read-only mode
Resolution date: 
Mon, Oct 14, 12:05
Posted by: 
Unit responsible for resolution: 
IT Department