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DNS Load-balanced IP aliases not updated

Date & time of incident: 
Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 18:00
Incident Description: 

Some 29 DNS load-balanced IP aliases (see complete list below) have not been updated since yesterday at 18:00 until this morning at 09:15. This may have caused unavailability of some of the services behind those IP aliases. The root cause of this incident was a side effect related with actions performed on the DNS Load Balancing service to overcome problems derived from the incident which affected virtual machines on the 2nd of July (


Service Element Affected: 
Multiple Services
Any other affected service(s): 
The complete list of affected IP aliases includes:
Service is degraded
Resolution date: 
Fri, Jul 5, 09:15
Posted by: 
Unit responsible for resolution: 
IT Department